The Mike Pendleton Technology Fund

The use of technology is a critical component of Sarah’s Circle’s efforts to help a woman increase her own self-sufficiency as well as reconnect and maintain important connections with family and friends. Computers are required for many reasons; women complete on line employment applications, complete on line certifications, conduct job searches, etc. Additionally, via technology, woman can utilize social media to reconnect with family and friends, and also stay in touch with a community of support.

Technology is an essential tool for Sarah’s Circle’s efforts to end homelessness for women. Not only are computers essential, but ongoing training and support as well. In a rapidly evolving technology environment, women who have been homeless often have minimal access to technology. This, combined with a limited base skill set, require proficient training to maximize their potential. 

Mike Pendleton was a technology professional and a friend to all who were fortunate enough to meet him. An excellent teacher of many things Mike encouraged everyone to learn and was patient and generous with his time. The hard work and dedication Mike put into teaching himself about many types of technology was equaled only by his efforts to teach any and all who showed interest and motivation to learn. Mike believed that with the right support and tools that anyone could become proficient with technology.

Support of the Mike Pendleton Technology Fund will help Sarah’s Circle in their efforts to ensure women have access to technology tools and support.  The Mike Pendleton Technology Fund will provide up to date computer and training equipment for Sarah’s Circle clients residing in Sarah’s Circle apartments, Interim Housing program or the Daytime Support Center. Additionally, the fund will be used for computer literacy training.

Please help the women of Sarah's Circle enjoy the countless benefits of accessible technology by donating today!

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