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Helping Women Make It Home

The Make it Home Fund is a critical resource to ending homelessness for women in Chicago. Sarah’s Circle utilizes The Make it Home Fund to pay up to $500 in one-time costs that occur when helping a woman move into or sustain her permanent and stable housing. This includes necessities such as furniture, application and move in fees, rental, transportation, work uniforms, and more. All recipients of this fund are a participant in our programs, and without this help, would not be able to move into or sustain their home. Sarah’s Circle maintains financial and administrative controls of the program. For example, all fees are paid directly to the vendor. 

The Make It Home Fund was established in 2015 to provide up to $500 in one-time costs associated with moving a woman into permanent housing. Affordable housing is scarce, and when available, it moves quickly. As such, it is crucial that the application fee, security deposit, and first month’s rent are paid quickly to secure the home. The Make It Home Fund ensures that there are no missed opportunities, and offers financial assistance to help women become housed more quickly.

In 2018, Sarah’s Circle helped 43 women with 50 grants, totaling just under $15,000. The average grant was $339. Of the funds distributed, 3.26% went to application fees, 33.07% to furniture, 12.59% to deposits, and 51.08% to rent. Since its start, Make it Home as helped end homelessness for over 235 women like Brittany:

The Make It Home Fund began in 2015 and provides up to $500 in one time assistance to cover expenses related to acquiring housing. It has proven essential in helping clients of Sarah's Circle make the difficult transition from homelessness into permanent and stable housing. 

Click here to watch Sharon's story and see how the Make It Home Fund was key in getting her apartment!

Tina's Story

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Cindi endured a long journey in finding her home. After moving to Chicago to be near her sons, she faced a medical crisis that exhausted her savings. Even though she was working, Cindi could no longer afford to pay her rent and was eventually evicted from her apartment...

Ways to Help

Please visit our Ways to Help page to learn more about the many ways you can directly impact the women of Sarah’s Circle.


Sarah’s Circle is a refuge for women who are homeless or in need of a safe space. By providing life necessities, housing, case management, clinical and social services, we encourage women to empower themselves by rebuilding both emotionally and physically; realizing their unique potential.

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